centrifugal pump

FSB chemical hydrofluoric Acid plastic Pump

Introduction: 1. FSB strong acid alkali centrifugal pump anti resistant PTFE TEFLON chemical pump is reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, easy to use and saving energy. 2. Applied to convey strong acid, strong alkali, oxidant, corrosive medium (forbid to transit medium likely to crystallize) with physical property similar to water. 3. Wet parts are made…


CQB Fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Product introduction: 1. CQB-F fluorine plastic lined centrifugal chemical magnetic pump is suit for all kinds of acid, alkali liquid delivery. 2. The magnetic pump’s wet parts are made of FEP/PFA, it is with strong corrosion resistance, strong mechanical strength and it is without ageing and toxin decomposition. 3. This pump is special designed that it won’t leak…


CQB Stainless steel Magnetic pump

Introduction: 1. CQB stainless steel high temperature circulating pump acid transfer pump no-leakage magnetic pump adopts the magnetism transmission principle and cooling installation to transport corrosive medium of high temperature without leakage. 2. It is with merits of compact structure, good corrosion resistance ability, reliable running and no leakage. 3. The magnetic pump is used…