Clean water pump Diesel Engine and Electric Self Priming Centrifugal Sewage Water Pump

Diesel Engine and Electric Self Priming Centrifugal Sewage Water Pump

Diesel Engine and Electric Self Priming Centrifugal Sewage Water Pump ZX series self priming centrifugal sewage pump is a kind of specialized sewage disposal equipment, designed with super strong anti-clogging and impurity disposal capability. It can be used to dispose ultra long fiber impurities and more than 3 inch solids. In addition, because of it’s self priming…

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Submersible pump China-plastic-vertical-centrifugal-pump-manufacturer

China Plastic Submerged Vertical Centrifugal Pump

Industrial Chemical Centrifugal Fluoro Plastic Submerged Vertical Pump The FYH plastic vertical pump is a long axis vertical centrifugal pump, this chemical submerged pump is vertical single-stage single -suction centrifugal pump, and the liquid under the contact with the liquid is all pressed by polymer polyethylene and fluorine plastic, with a wide corrosion resistance range.…

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Clean water pump ISW-Centrifugal-Water-Pump-China-Gempump-1-Supplier

ISW Single-Stage Single-Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pipeline Pump

ISW/ISWR/ISWH/ISWB horizontal centrifugal pump is an efficient and energy-saving product designed based on the unique structural combination of IS centrifugal pump and vertical pump. It is optimized and designed using the most advanced hydraulic model in China, and is combined with a general horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump based on its structure. After solving the inherent…

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Horizontal Slurry Pump


40ZJ-I-A17 ZJ High Chromium Wear-Resistant Horizontal Fraction Sand Suction Slurry Pump Pump model Motor Speed Pump Capacity Pump Head NPSH Motor Power Max. particle size Weight rpm m³/h m m kw mm kg 40ZJ-I-17A 1400-2900 4.5-23 9.1-44.6 2.5-4.5 0.55-7.5 11 121 The ZJ series slurry pump, which are created by Shijiazhuang Jiemu Machinery Equipment Co.,…

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Submersible pump Fsb Fluoro-Plastic Alloy Centrifugal Pump Acid and Alkali Resistant Pump Explosion-Proof Chemical Pump Centrifugal Pump Acid

China FSB Chemical Hydrofluoric Acid Plastic Transfer Pump

China FSB Chemical Hydrofluoric Acid Corrosion Resistant Plastic Transfer Pump Working temperature: -20ºC-180ºC Flow capacity range: 2-125 m³/h Head range: 15-55 m Material: F46, UHMWPE Design standard: ISO2858 Application fields: biomedicine, petrochemical industry, mining metallurgy, textile printing and dyeing, power, sewage treatment, papermaking, new materials, new energy and other industries. Usage: Transport different concentration of…

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