How to determine if the centrifugal water pump is operating abnormally?

Anyone who has used a centrifugal pump knows that the operation of this equipment is quite regular. Therefore, after gaining rich experience in use, people often know the current effectiveness of this equipment through observation. Once there are some faults or abnormal phenomena in the equipment, they can be immediately detected. Next, let’s briefly explain which areas of the equipment are relatively easy to detect abnormalities.

1.Appearance observation method

By observing the overall appearance of the centrifugal pump, it can be preliminarily determined whether there are any abnormalities. For example, the presence of cracks, deformation, rust, leakage, and other conditions may affect the normal operation of centrifugal pumps. However, the appearance issue cannot accurately detect faults during operation, and further inspection is needed.

2.Listen to the sound of the industrical water pump

When the centrifugal pump is working normally, it should emit a stable and clear roaring sound. If the sound is not normal, further inspection is needed. Common faults include eccentricity, wear, imbalance, etc., all of which generate noise.Therefore, for familiar users, they only need to hear the sound emitted during the operation of the pump station to determine whether it is working normally or if there are certain abnormalities. Based on the normal operating sound, if there are phenomena such as increased or decreased sound, or more noise, etc, All of these indicate that there must have been some abnormal issues with the operation of this device, and the pump needs to be promptly shut down for inspection.

3.Smell the odor of the water pump

Secondly, Shijiazhuang Jiemu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd (Gempump) suggests that you can also determine whether the centrifugal pump is in normal operation by the smell that appears during the production process. If everything is normal, there will not be any unique smell of the equipment during the production process. At most, it is the smell emitted by some metals or engine oil. But once the equipment is in an abnormal production state, people often smell some burnt smell and some special high heat generated smell.

4.Temperature judgment method

When the centrifugal pump operates normally, the temperature should be relatively stable. If the temperature is abnormally high or low, further inspection is required.

5.Flow rate and outlet pressure judgment method

Centrifugal pumps are specifically used for conveying fluids, so flow rate and head are one of the most important indicators. By detecting the flow rate and head, it can be determined whether the centrifugal pump is operating normally. If the flow rate and head are found to be below the normal range, there may be faults such as internal blockage of the pump body, damage to the pump blades, and poor sealing of sealing parts.

6.Vibration judgment method

With the continuous operation of the centrifugal pump, if strong vibrations are felt, it is necessary to stop the machine in a timely manner for inspection. Vibration is usually related to faults, such as eccentricity between the impeller and shaft, failure of the bearing system, loosening of pump body fixing bolts, etc.

7.Electric Motor Current judgment method

The current indicators of centrifugal pumps can reflect sub healthy or faulty conditions. By detecting the current, it is possible to determine which component is experiencing an abnormality and accurately determine the cause of the fault.

So for experienced centrifugal water pump users, simply judging from these aspects can help us easily find out the current working status of centrifugal pumps. You can also observe and practice more in your daily life to better judge the operation of the equipment.

The normal operation of a centrifugal pump is crucial for industrial production. In the operation of a centrifugal pump, it can be judged and evaluated from multiple aspects such as appearance, sound, temperature, inlet and outlet pressure difference, flow rate, vibration, and current. When abnormal situations occur, timely diagnosis and handling are necessary to avoid affecting production.

If you have any issues with the operation of the water pump, please feel free to contact our technical support engineer.